Intro To Concealed Carry (Level 1 Class)

This class is the next step for someone who had taken their basic firearms safety class and wants to carry concealed. This is also a popular class for gun owners who only transport their firearm between home and the range but want to know more about Massachusetts law.

**This class fulfills the requirement to lift restrictions (ex: target and hunting only) from an LTC in most towns. Please check with your local Police Department to ensure that Intro to Concealed Carry meets the requirements for issuance of a Class A unrestricted license**

Essential Concealed Carry topics in Level 1:

  • Laws of self defense
  • Avoiding deadly force
  • Where your license is valid
  • Open carry laws
  • Law enforcement interactions
  • Choosing a carry pistol
  • Choosing a holster
  • Drawing from concealment

**This class has a prerequisite**

  • LTC or Basic Firearms Safety Certificate Course

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