Guide to Getting your Massachusetts Class A LTC

Step 1:  Take A Basic Firearms Safety Course and get a certificate.

Step 2:  Click on this link:, then print and complete the application.

Step 3:  Make an appointment with the police department in the town you have legal residence to process your application. They will take your fingerprints and picture. Bring the Certificate you received from your safety class along with your completed application with you.

Step 4:  If you leave the appointment and they haven’t told you there would be a problem, you should receive your license in 4-6 weeks. You will be notified when it is ready and will most likely have to pick it up in person at your local police department.

The reason for the delay is that the police department sends the application to the MassachusettsCriminal History Systems Bureau (the same people who do the “CORI” checks for most schools, businesses, etc. Once your background check is approved the application goes to the Firearms Records Bureau for final processing of your license. It is then mailed to your local police department for you to pick up.

Queston 10 on the application asks if you’ve ever appeared as a defendant in criminal court. That means you must disclose if you’ve ever been charged with a criminal offense regardless of the outcome. Even sealed records must be disclosed.

Reasons for requesting a license include the following under the law:

  • Employment (usually requires a letter from your employer)
  • Hunting
  • Sport & Target
  • All Lawful Purposes (means you want the license for any purpose within the scope of the law)

On the application you should list the ones that apply to you.

Most importantly, be honest and take the process seriously. Being insincere and acting immature or irresponsible can cause them to deny your application do to the “suitability standard” on LTC’s.

***** At Massachusetts Firearms Academy, we will walk you through the application process and help you fulfill any additional requirements that your local licensing authority may require.